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Determining Need

There are a few signs that your processes might be inefficient.

  • Too Much Time Spent on Manual Processes
  • Information is Hard to Find
  • Unable to Quickly Introduce New Processes
  • Failing Regulatory Requirements
  • Having Complicated Processes

Studies show inefficiencies can lose a business 20 to 30 percent of their revenue. Causes can include:

Poor System Integration – Many organizations have several different systems that perform different tasks. When these systems do not talk to each other, problems may arise. In addition, one may have to copy and paste information from one system to the next.

 Bottle Necks – A constraint in the process will cause slowdowns. Bottlenecks can occur when new technologies are not adapted as well as personnel keeping control over a portion of the process.

Redundancy – Duplicating processes reduces the integrity of the process. The driving force is typically departmental collaboration or processes not being properly implemented.


My Virtual Business Solution with spend time within your business to analyze your processes. Through the collection of internal and external data sources, we will give you full assessment. If you would like us to assist in creating, refining and implementing processes; we can assist. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Our Proven Process Produces Results

1. Define

Determine the goals of project and customer deliverables

2. Measure

Measure performance and quantify the problem through data collection

3. Analyze

Review the collected data to determine the cause of the deficiency

4. Improve

Create and implement solutions to correct and prevent problems

5. Control

Solidify the improvements through monitoring and training

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