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Creating Connections

Many believe social media management is as simple as posting to a particular medium. Do you consider the list below?

  • Using as a tool for great customer service
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Learning about your customer

In a lifetime, an average person will spend over 5 years on social media. Since users are spending more and more time  on social media, it is a must for your business.

My Virtual Business Solution will function as your Social Media Manager by creating and managing published content. We will develop content that is relevant to your target customer and provide responses to assist with consumer engagement. Our goal is to:

  • Produce Higher Conversion Rates
  • Reduce Marketing Cost
  • Produce Better Search Engine Rankings
  • Provide Richer Customer Experiences

Social media marketing can generate more customers, traffic, and better your relationship with your customers.  If you do not know where to start, please contact us.

81% of small and medium businesses use social media. Are you included?

Small & Medium Businesses 81%

The internet has 3.5 billion users. 85% of these users are active on social media.

Social Media Users 85%

78% of Twitter users expect a response within 1 hour. Can you meet their expectations?

Response Time 78%

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